The Center for Continuing Education offers courses involving Western and Chinese medicine as well as herbal and acupuncture as follows:

  1. Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise teacher training workshops, food and beverage industry food safety control system based practice course, pharmacy staff continuing education program classes.
  2. Undergraduate and graduate audit classes, Master of Medical Management Institute courses, Chinese medicine pharmacy curriculum classes.
  3. Spinal injury therapy classes, acupuncture workshops and clinical classes.
  4. Fitness and yoga classes, health meridian points series courses, reflexology health classes.
  5. Employment and Vocational Training Board grant programs are as follows - early intervention professional team members’ integrated treatment and education series of courses, basic macrobiotic diet courses, infant health care classes, children's occupational therapy classes.
  6. Beauty B, C license class, recognized by the NAHA International Elementary aroma-therapist board.
  7. TOEIC and GEPT preparation courses and English conversation classes.