Internatinal Course

CMU activelyconducts performance evaluations and improves the quality of instruction to enhance participants' satisfaction.

In order to maintain teaching quality, the China Medical University Center for Continuing Education continues to perform random course satisfaction survey assessments with ourclass participants. From the 2008 school year, the Center for Continuing Education hasopened 224 courses and has conducted random surveys of 45 classes (20.1%),over 93.8% of students surveyed were satisfied with our handling of courses.

Student are surveyed withfocuses on teachers in their courses and the services of the Center; such information helps to provide for future course improvements. As well, students will be able to give recommendations of the coursesthat should be offered in the future. In accordance with the students’ curriculum findings, we will be able to improve the satisfaction of the students on the school extension course.

Courses offered by the school to promote education center in recent years the trend of gradual growth, the credit goes to school time faculty, the administrative unit with its effectiveness. A university’s responsibility lies not only in research but also in providing their students with the best education and social services. The Center for Continuing Educationhelps the school in fulfilling this responsibility.Its main function is to carry out social service matters, not only by providing the general public means of pursuingnew knowledge and capabilities but also in providing opportunities for in-service education of medical professionals, so the Center for Continuing Educationstrives to becoming the model for college training in central Taiwan.

Since April of 2011, medical specialist teachers and students in Fukuoka, Japan have come to China Medical University to participate in traditional Chinese medicine study.In addition, teachers from Kyung Hee University in Korea have also come for academic exchange. In May of 2012, six pharmacists from Japan have come to the Center to learn Traditional Chinese herbal concoctioncourses,this not only left a deep impressionin Japan pharmacist, but also expanded the learning of Chinese medicine networks