China Medical University is one of the earliest universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to be established in Taiwan.In or der to cater to the lifelong learning needs of the public, the Center for Continuing Education was established in 1983 to promote the best of Chinese medicine in Taiwan. Acupuncture workshops run by the Center is the only means that Western medical doctors and dentists are able to learn and eventually practice acupuncture.Physicians and dentists receive 192 hours of acupuncture education. CMU has the best Chinese nursing faculty, offering traditional Chinese medicine nursing credit courses,andafter 180 hours of Chinese medicine nursing training, they are licensed to practice.

Our School Medical Managementis also one of the earliest established institutes of health care administration, and haseducated many domestic hospital senior management personnel. Our school has also opened credit classes in association with the Master of Medical Management Institute, putting us one step closer to the cultivation of the hospital management personnel. Its effectiveness is visible not only in Taiwan, but also in mainland China were we have also attracted many students.

In 2004, CMU received authorization from the American Society of Internal Medicine, to promote the Mini-clinical Evaluation Exercise, mini-CEX courses. Mini- CEX engages senior doctors in teaching junior physicians coping skills and attitudethat are able to increase outpatient quality. Now not only do medical teaching centers use mini- CEX personnel training, the effectiveness of hospital accreditation & the quality of medical care policy within the Medicine Evaluation Committee is also highly recognized and recommended. CMU has also won the 2010 sixth National HRD InnoPrize from the Executive Yuan. We also rewarded the 2011 Training Organization Version, Silver Award, from the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, Taiwan.